SUICOKE × mastermind JAPAN

SUICOKE × mastermind JAPAN

JAPAN update on 29 July, 2021

■Release Date

In Store:August 1st (Sun) 11:00 am (Raffle)
Online: August 1st (Sun) 11:00 am

■Release Products

SUICOKE × mastermind JAPAN
Size:US8 , US9 , US10 , US11 , US12
Price:¥22,572 (tax included)

■Release information about in store

・The raffle is planned as sales method.
*Only those who win in the lottery may enter and do shopping. There is no general sale.

・All of the followings are required to participate in the lottery.
Please note that you will not be able to participate in the raffle if there are any deficiencies or omissions, or if we suspect fraud or if you are not prepared.
We will confirm it at the time of participation in the raffle and payment.

1) ID card with a photo of your face and your current address
*Please bring an ID card with a photo of your face, which has the same name as the one at the time of membership registration.
Please also bring the one with the same address as the membership registration information.

Only one of the followings will be valid as an ID card with a photo and current address. Please note that any copies, expired ones and other IDs will be invalid.
Also, we will refuse the participation in the lottery for any reason if we cannot confirm the identity of the person.

1 Driver’s License
2 Student ID Card with Photo(Only with the current address)
3 Basic Resident Register Card with Photo
4 Passport(Only with the current address)
5 Alien Registration Card
6 Certificate of Eligibility 7 Physically Disabled Person's Handbook
8 Armed Force Military Identification Card

2) Customers who have already registered as members on the MASTERMIND TOKYO official online site.
*Pease register If you have not registered as a member.
*>Please register from

We will refuse the participation in the lottery for any reason is there is any discrepancy with the ID which you present.
Please make sure that you check the registration status including Kanji, Romaji, and current address before participating in the lottery.
In addition, please make your mobile device ready as you will be asked to confirm your membership registration information on your own mobile device.
The screen shot presentation will be invalid. Please also note that it is considered fraudulent if you lend or borrow a mobile devise, or cannot log in by yourself.
In that case, we will refuse the participation in the lottery for both parties who lend or borrow, and both who helped or was helped log in.

*The number of customers who can line up is limited in order to ensure social distance as preventive measures against new coronavirus infection.
Please note that the line will be closed without prior notice when the capacity is reached.

・We may refuse to sell to those who do not follow the instructions of our staff.

・As the number of products are limited, please kindly understand when they are out of stock.

■About raffle

・Customers who wish to purchase should come to the following meeting point (next to the escalator going up from 2F to 3F at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya) between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on Sunday, August 1st. One lottery ticket per person will be given to the customers who gather by 9:30 am. As soon as the lottery tickets have been distributed, a lottery will be held to determine the order of admission.
Please note that you will not be able to participate in the lottery if you are late for the meeting time.
The lottery time may start earlier or the line may be closed without prior notice depending on the situation.
Please kindly understand in advance. Please note that the winning ticket does not guarantee the purchase of the product.

<next to the escalator going up from 2F to 3F at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya>

■About purchase

・One item can be purchased per person.
The purchase of the items in different colors or sizes is not acceptable.

・We may limit your shopping time depending on the situation on the day. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

・We only accept cash and credit cards (including UnionPay cards). Please note that gift certificates cannot be used for payment.

・Payment shall be made only by winners themselves. Purchases by proxies are not allowed.

・If there are any customers waiting after payment, please be so kind as to leave the store. Also, please do not wait in front of the store or adjacent stores.

■Other precautions

・The use of communication equipment or photography in the store is prohibited.

・Sales will be suspended if there is a request from the police or commercial facilities, or a complaint from a nearby store. Thank you for your cooperation.

・In some cases, the sales method may be changed without prior notice. Please kindly note that.

・Customers will be refunded only if we ourselves have found a defect in the product. Please note that we will not replace a customer’s product with another product.