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JAPAN update on 22 May, 2018

■ Release Date, Product Information & Sales Method
Release Date: Sunday, May 27
Price: 24,000Yen+Tax
Size: 26.5 cm - 28 cm, 29 cm & 30 cm
Sales Method: Raffle

■ Presentation of identification (ID)
Please present ID card with face photo for participation in the drawing. Identification card is only the following. If you can not present, we will refuse participation in the drawing.
Their ID with a face photo has to be one of the followings:
① Driver License;
② Student Identification Card with Photo;
③ Basic Residence Register Card with Photo;
④ Passport;
⑤ Alien Registration Card;
⑥ Resident Status Card;
⑦ Physical Disability Identification Booklet; or
⑧ Armed Forces Military Identification Card.

■ Raffle
- Please note that the place for raffle and the entrance/waiting area are not the same.
- Please show up by 8:30 a.m. on the release date at ★ in the map below (along Hibiya Street).
- Those who will have shown up by 8:30 a.m. are eligible to receive a numbered ticket.
- After the tickets are thoroughly distributed (one ticket only for one customer), a drawing for determining the order of admission will be carried out. Please understand in advance that those customers who will not have shown up by 8:30 a.m. are not allowed to participate in the drawing.
- Please be also advised that the drawing time is subject to be moved up and your forming the line be declined depending on circumstances.
- For those who are elected, we will hand you a ticket and an armband. Please acknowledge that you can not enter the shop without wearing armband and holding ticket even if you are elected.

- Please come to the entrance/waiting area (2nd Floor of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya) by the time specified on your admission ticket to be given if you win the drawing.
* If you don’t show up by such specified time, your admission ticket will become void.
* If there is a trace of removing the arm band, or there are other injustices, we will refuse admission.
* Please note that those customers who will directly visit the store are not eligible to participate in the drawing.

■ Prior Warning in Forming Line
- Those who will not follow the instructions of our security staff members, etc., disturb other customers including by cutting in the line, and give and/or receive money/goods or do equivalent things will be prohibited from visiting our store.

■ Purchasing
- Each customer can purchase only one product. Only those customers who have purchased the product should pay for it by themselves. Please do not remove the arm band until purchase. If it is removed, you can not purchase.
- Those customers who have already paid for the product are requested to swiftly leave the store if other customers are forming the line behind them and also not to stay in front of the store or the neighboring stores.
- Customers are not allowed to purchase the product of different sizes.
- A receipt will not be reissued.

■ Other Points to be Noted
・Whether in the store or not, those customers found out to have given and/or received money/goods or caused any trouble such as attracting a customer might not be allowed to purchase the product. If we found customers who are handling money at the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, We will refuse to enter our shop afterwards. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
・You are prohibited from using any communication device in the store.
・Our store only accept cash and credit cards (including UnionPay).
・You may not pay for the product with a gift ticket.
・Please understand in advance that the sales method is subject to change depending on circumstances.
・Any claim made by the police and/or the commercial facility or any complaint filed by a neighboring store will result in the suspension of sales. Your cooperation would be appreciated.
・Please refrain from smoking when your forming the line and take all your garbage back home with you.
・Please acknowledge beforehand that the sales method is subject to change depending on circumstances.