JAPAN update on 01 April, 2019


■ Items

HURRAY HURRAY × mastermind JAPAN Remake T-Shirt
PRICE:¥20,000 + TAX

※ All sizes, designs, and fabrics are different due to the remake products manufactured by disassembling the USED T-shirt. In addition, please note that there are dirt and damage specific to the material. Those item's samples are on display in MASTERMIND TOKYO until April 3rd(Wed).
※ We limit to purchase to one point per one person. It is not possible to purchase in the size difference and design difference. In addition, shopping time in the store is limited to 10 minutes per person.

■ Sales Method

・Release Date:Saturday, April 6th
・Online raffle for entrance will be taken as schedule listed below.
※The page will be available from March 26th at 00:00
※You are allowed to make only one application per raffle page.

Raffle page:

■ WEB Raffle Schedule

・00:00 April 2 (Tue) Start of WEB Raffle
・23:59 April 3 (Wed) End of reception of application
・           April 4 (Thu) Winner will be announced via E-mail

■Applicant Qualifications

1) Those customers who have already completed their membership registration at the official online site of MASTERMIND TOKYO
※Those customers who have not yet completed their membership registration are required to complete it before making an application.
※Please register at

2) Customers to Submit Face Photo ID
※After your winning our product in a raffle, we will, in your actually purchasing the product, check your registered address against that specified on your ID. Please bring your face photo ID with the identical name on it as you registered in applying for a raffle.

Their ID with a face photo has to be one of the followings:
① Driver License;
② Student Identification Card with Photo;
③ Basic Residence Register Card with Photo;
④ Passport;
⑤ Alien Registration Card;
⑥ Resident Status Card;
⑦ Physical Disability Identification Booklet; or
⑧ Armed Forces Military Identification Card.

※Only those customers who bring their face photo student ID without their current address on it will be helped as long as they have with them another official ID (health insurance card or like). Any other ID without your current address on it will be deemed invalid.

■Raffle Winner Announcement

The result of a raffle will be notified by email only to its winners by Thursday, April 4.This email is going to be sent from the address of 『』. Those of customers who have configured the settings including of unwanted emails and/or designated domains to be rejected are requested to configure the setting of designated domains to be accepted so that they can receive an email to be sent from the said address.

■ Guiding the Winners into the Store

• On the day of release date, we will invite you in order of entry number listed in the winning e-mail. Please line up in order at the picture attached below at specified time stated in the election mail. After the guidance of the customer who has a numbered ticket, person has a spare ticket will be allowed to enter our store.
 Please be aware even if you have an admission ticket, you may not be able to purchase the item you want. Also, person who has a spare ticket may not be able to purchase any items.

・If he/she fails to be at the venue by the time, his/her winning is considered invalid, regardless of the reason. Please come with plenty of time.

TOKYO MIDTOWN HIBIYA 2F (Side of climbing escalator for 3rd floor)

・The winners will be identified at the place described above (2F, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya). Please prepare all of the items ①~③ listed below.

①Identification card with face photo with the same address as in the application form
* Note that if the pieces of information such as address are not identical, that identification card is deemed invalid.

② Mobile device
・Winners will be asked to log in as a member through their mobile terminals.

③E-mail of winning notice they have received.
・ Hard copies or transferred mails are deemed invalid.


・You are allowed to participate in a raffle only once. Please understand in advance that more than one application per consumer, any error in the contents of an application and/or any application we have judged as an unjust one will be considered as invalid without exception.

・Please understand beforehand that those customers who have not been successful in a raffle will not receive any communication from us.

・Please be advised that we will never reply to any inquiry or claim on the existence or absence of a winner as well as any matter regarding it.

・The winners are requested to login to the member page with their communication terminals, so they are required to carry a communication terminal that enables them to login to MASTERMIND TOKYO official online page.

・We will confirm the identification of a customer at the store including his/her membership registration. The customer will then be required to present his/her ID with a face photo.

・Your right to purchase a product will become invalid if you don’t follow any instruction of our staff members or security guards. In addition, we will discontinue selling our products in a case where any facility or neighboring store has made a complaint against us.

・Payment shall be made only by winners themselves. Purchases by proxies are not allowed.

・We only accept payment in cash or credit card (including Silver Union). We do not accept gift certificates.

・We will not reissue receipts.

・Customers will be refunded only if we ourselves have found a defect in the product. Please note that we will not replace a customer’s product with another product.