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  • MASTERMIND TOKYO Grand Opening at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
MASTERMIND TOKYO Grand Opening at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

MASTERMIND TOKYO Grand Opening at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

TOKYO update on 28 March, 2018

Congestion is expected to occur with the Grand Open of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Please confirm the following notes before you visit us.

■ Entry to the Facility and the Shop
Entry to the Facility
Please refer to the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya website for matters concerning entry to the building.

Entry to the Shop
We will set restrictions on entering the store in order to alleviate the congestion. After entering the facility, please make a queue again at the designated place listed below. Security staff will guide you in order. Even if you directly visit us, you cannot enter the shop until the congestion is resolved, so please wait at the place indicated by the security personnel.

■ Precautions for queuing
People who will not comply with the instructions from the facility or our security personnel, people who will cut into the queue and disturb customers around, or people who will engage in unauthorized businesses will not be allowed to enter the facility.

■ Sales of limited items and collaboration products
Each customer can purchase up to one item for each product number. Items with an alternative size cannot be purchased. We will not reissue receipts.

※ No plastic models will be released at the shop. Please contact STRICT-G Odaiba Store for sale of plastic models.

■ About inquiries
We will receive inquiries about products and inventory from April 2nd, since we are currently in the midst of start-up period. We hope for your consent.

■ Miscellaneous
We accept only cash and credit cards. Payment with gift certificates is not available. We may change our sales method or suspend the sales, depending on the situations. We appreciate your understanding.