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Rocky Mountain Featherbed × MASTERMIND

TOKYO update on 04 September, 2020

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 In store : 2020/9/5(Sat) 11:00 am

■ Release information about in store.

・The raffle is planned as sales method.

■Regarding the novel coronavirus infection control measures
Please wear a face mask when you enter the shop.
The staff will ask you to disinfect your hands by using a disinfectant spray when you enter the shop.
Your understanding and practice of social distancing are highly appreciated.

*Those who do not follow these rules may be refused to enter the shop.
・Those who want to do shopping are asked to come to the meeting place indicated below (TOKYO MIDTOWN HIBIYA 2F Side of climbing escalator for 3rd floor) by between 8:00 am and 8:30 am on August 29th (Sat).We will hand out one raffle ticket per one customer who shows up by 8:30 am. As soon as we have finished handing out the raffle tickets, we will start drawing to decide the order of admission.
there is a limitation of the number of visitors that can form a line.
Once the number of seats is reached, we will stop the line up without prior notice. Please understand in advance.

・Depending on the conditions on the day, there might be a raffle or distribution of numbered tickets to determine the order of entry into the store without prior notice. In addition, please present identification card with face photo as identity verification when the raffle taken as the selling method. Only one of the following is valid as photo ID. Copy or expired ID will be invalid.

1 Driver’s License
2 Student ID Card with Photo(Only with the current address)
3 Basic Resident Register Card with Photo
4 Passport(Only with the current address)
5 Alien Registration Card
6 Certificate of Eligibility
7 Physically Disabled Person's Handbook
8 Armed Force Military Identification Card
* Customers who do not have photo ID with current address will be refused to participate in the raffle. We are sorry but please be prepared just in case.

・We may refuse sales to anyone who does not follow the instructions given by staff.

・Stock is limited, so we apologize in the case of sold-out..

■Regarding Purchases

・Only one of each product number is available for purchase per person. Please note that you will not be able to purchase in different size and color.

・Depending on the situation on the day, we may limit your shopping time. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

・Our store will only accept either cash or credit cards (including union pay card). *Please be warned that purchase using gift certificates is not allowed.

・Please leave the store after your purchase if there are other customers waiting. Furthermore, please do not wait in front of the store or in front of adjoining stores.

・If you want to see other products after payment, please leave the store and follow the staff's instructions.

■ Other matters to be aware of

・We may have to restrict the number of items which can be purchased depending on the crowd on the day.

・Use of communication devices and taking photos are not allowed inside of the store.

・We will stop selling our products if we are requested by the police or other stores, but also if we receive complaints from other neighborhood stores.

・In certain cases, we may alter the sales method of our items without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.