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TOKYO update on 29 September, 2020

■Release Products


※ Each customer can purchase one item per a product.
 The purchase of the items in different colors or sizes is not acceptable.

■Release Date

In-Store :October 2th (Fri) 11:00 am (Raffle)
Online :October 2th (Fri) 11:00 am

■Regarding the novel coronavirus infection control measures
Please wear a face mask when you form a line and enter the shop.
The staff will ask you to disinfect your hands by using a disinfectant spray when you form a line and enter the shop.
Your understanding and practice of social distancing are highly appreciated.

*Those who do not follow these rules may be refused to form a line and enter the shop.

■About the selling method

・The raffle is planned as sales method.
*Only those who win in the lottery may enter and do shopping. There is no general sale.

・The followings are all required for the participation in the raffle. Please note that you are not allowed to participate in the raffle if there are any deficiency, incompleteness, luck of preparation, but also when we judge as a misconduct. We will check all the requirements at the time of raffle participation, entering in the store and payment at the cashier.

① Presentation of identification (ID)
※Please have your photo ID described with your registered name and the same address on your member registration information.

Only one of the following photo ID with your physical address is acceptable for the participation. (Expired ID, copy of the ID and other than the followings are invalid.) No matter what the reasons we will refuse participation in the drawing if we cannot verify your identity.
The photo ID has to be one of the followings:

1, Driver License
2, Student Identification Card with Photo(Only with the current address)
3, Basic Residence Register Card with Photo
4, Passport(Only with the current address)
5, Alien Registration Card
6, Resident Status Card
7, Physical Disability Identification Booklet
8, Armed Forces Military Identification Card.

② Membership registration for MASTERMIND TOKYO

In order to participate in the raffle, you must have registered for MASTERMIND TOKYO MEMBERSHIP.
If you have not registered yet, please register through the following URL.

If there are any differences between the contents and your picture ID, your participation will be rejected regardless of the reason. Please make sure of your registration status such as your name in kanji characters, Roman characters and current resident address. Please prepare your own mobile terminal as the information will be checked on it. Please note that presentation of the screenshot is invalid. Also, borrowing and lending the mobile terminal or not being able to log in yourself is regarded as fraudulent practices, and both of the customers will be rejected to participate in the drawing.

■About the raffle

※With the aim of keeping social distances due to a new corona virus infection control,
there is a limitation of the number of visitors that can form a line.
Please understand that, when the number of them would exceed our assumption, there is a case that we will ask visitors to stop forming a line.

・Those who want to do shopping are asked to come to the meeting place indicated below (along Hibiya Street)by between 8:00 am and 9:00 am on October 2th(Fri).We will hand out one raffle ticket per one customer who shows up by 9:00 am. As soon as we have finished handing out the raffle tickets, we will start drawing to decide the order of admission. If you don't show up by the appointed meeting time, you will not able to participate in the raffle. Please be forewarned that we may accelerate the raffle time and terminate the waiting line without prior notice. There is a possibility that some customers may not buy products by such reasons as size difference, so we will hand out winning tickets more than the actual number of the stocks. Please note that the winning ticket doesn't make a commitment for the purchase. We will recheck your registered name and membership number. Also, we will inform the winners about the meeting place and time for the purchase.

On Hibiya-street, front of the entrance of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya parking lot

■Prior Warning in Forming Line

・ Those who will not follow the instructions of our security staff members, disturb management, commit illegal acts, disturb other customers by cutting in the line, and give and/or receive money/goods or doing equivalent things will never be allowed to participate in the raffle. Please participate in the raffle according to the instructions of the staffs.

・Please do not wait in the middle of the night or early morning. In addition, please note that we will remove it if we find a place taking act using a chair etc. In addition, if you do not come to the place to arrange after the raffle ticket distribution, the raffle ticket will be invalidated.

Please keep in mind social distancing as a novel coronavirus infection control measure when you form a line. Please do not move from the place where you are asked by the staff to stay. And please do not chat with anybody. Those who do not follow the staff's instruction may be refused to form a line.Please understand this in advance.
■Other notes
・When we find out the troubles such as acceptance of money/goods and soliciting behaviors whether inside or outside the shop, we will reject your purchase. Also, smoking inside and outside of the Tokyo Midtown commercial facilities is prohibited by Chiyoda Ward Living Environment Ordinance, so please smoke at the predetermined places.

・You are not allowed to use communication devices without permission from our staff.

・Depending on the situation on the day, we may limit your shopping time. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

・Please leave the store quickly after your purchase, also customers will be asked not to keep staying in front of our store or neighboring stores.

・Payment shall be made only by winners themselves. Purchases by proxies are not allowed.

・General sales will resume as soon as the winner's account ends. Even if the item is sold in general sales, we will not accept multiple purchases of the same item or purchase by proxy.

・We only accept cash and credit cards (including Union-pay). Gift certificates are not available for the payment, and further we will not reissue receipts.

・Please be forewarned that the sales method is subject to change without prior notice.

・On the occurrence of requests from the police or the commercial facilities and complaints from the neighborhood shops, we will stop the sales immediately. Please follow the directions given by our staff. We regret to note that customers who are not cooperative may not be permitted to enter the shop and do shopping afterward. We would be grateful for your cooperation.