WORLD update on 15 November, 2018


Release Date :November 17(Sat)
Release Place:Only In-store.
Product:Room Spray & Fragrance Tag Set
Price :JPY 17,000+Tax

■ Release information about in store.
・General sale of goods planned.

・Each customer can purchase only one product.

・Depending on the conditions on the day, there may be a raffle or distribution of numbered tickets to determine the order of entry into the store, without prior notice.
 On this occasion, please line up next to the escalator on the 2nd floor inside Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Depending on the situation, we may cancel queuing.
 In addition, when the selling method becomes a raffle please present identification card with facial photo as identity verification. For ID card with face photo, only one of the following is valid. Copy or expired items will be invalid.

1 Driver’s License
2 Student ID Card with Photo
3 Basic Resident Register Card with Photo
4 Passport
5 Alien Registration Card
6 Certificate of Eligibility
7 Physically Disabled Person's Handbook
8 Armed Force Military Identification Card
* Customers who do not have identity cards will refuse participation in raffle, so we are very sorry but please be prepared just in case.

・We may refuse sales to anyone who does not follow the instructions given by staff.

・We can only accept payment via credit card (incl. UnionPay) or cash. Unfortunately, we cannot accept gift certificates. Additionally, payment must be made by the person himself or herself.

・Stock is limited, so we apologize in the case of items becoming sold-out.