MASTERMIND TOKYO which is the world’s first flagship store having both mastermind JAPAN and MASTERMIND WORLD has opened in Tokyo midtown hibiya ――which is located in hibiya where has been being the center of international business and art culture. The store reflects philosophy of the designer Masaaki Honma,and express its worldview from the details of the interior decoration to display and service as well as the items. The shop offers the collection line of abundant lineup with exclusive items which is available only at MASTERMIND TOKYO, and provides special time to visitors with the idea of Tokyo midtown hibiya ――― “A new experience of the future oriented and creation of the value.”


It’s a new line launched with the revival of mastermind JAPAN in 2017. It’s launched newly as the line for global markets, which is handled in overseas high-end multi-bland stores. It is being limited to the handling only for some stores including MASTERMIND TOKYO.