WORLD update on 12 September, 2018

■ Items

Price:JPY 15,000+Tax Size range:S~XL

■ Sales Method
・In-store release : 09/16(Sun).
※ Online raffle for entrance will be taken as schedule listed below.

■ About purchase quantities
• Each customer can purchase one item. He/she can not purchase items in different colors or sizes.

■ WEB Raffle Schedule

•12:00 September 12 (Wednesday) Start of WEB Drawing
•23:59 September 13 (Thursday) End of reception of application
•           September 14 (Friday) Winner will be announced via E-mail

■ WEB Raffle

・You can participate the raffle from 【RAFFLE PAGE】below.
*The page will be available from September 12th at 24:00


・We will send you a numbered ticket or a spare ticket by e-mail to the winner. Membership registration at the MASTERMIND TOKYO official site is mandatory for entry.

・Unregistered customers or customers who have lost the drawing will not be informed of the result. Note that all applications with incomplete or inaccurate descriptions filled in or applications in which we will have found an act of misconduct will be deemed invalid.
・The result will be notified to the winners by e-mail to be sent from the address "". If rejection has been set up against mails and/or domains unwelcomed, it is necessary to change the mailer's settings so that it will accept this domain.

■ Guiding the Winners into the Store

• On the day of release date, we will invite you in order of entry number listed in the winning e-mail. Please line up in order at the picture attached below at specified time stated in the election mail. After the guidance of the customer who has a numbered ticket, person has a spare ticket will be allowed to enter our store. Please be aware even if you have an admission ticket, you may not be able to purchase the item you want. Also, person who has a spare ticket may not be able to purchase any items.

・If he/she fails to be at the venue by the time, his/her winning is considered invalid, regardless of the reason.

・The winners will be identified at the place described above (2F, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya). Please prepare all of the items ①~③ listed below. Please note that winning will be invalid if there is any incompleteness.

・Identification card with face photo with the same address as in the application form.
*Note that if the pieces of information such as address are not identical, that identification card is deemed invalid.

① Identification card with face photo (we only accept ID listed below)
・Any copies or expired IDs are not allowed.

1 Driver’s License
2 Student ID Card with Photo
3 Basic Resident Register Card with Photo
4 Passport
5 Alien Registration Card
6 Certificate of Eligibility
7 Physically Disabled Person's Handbook
8 Armed Force Military Identification Card

② Mobile device
•Winners will be asked to log in as a member through their mobile terminals.

③E-mail of winning notice they have received.
• Hard copies or transferred mails are deemed invalid.

•Only winners themselves can line up.
•Other people than the winners are required not to follow the queue because they may hinder the traffic around.
•Entrance of customers who do not follow the guidance for operational purposes may be refused.
•Admission of customers not following the guidance by the security staff or our personnel may be refused.
•When the facility management company or neighboring stores complains, sales will be terminated.
•The winners are requested to login to the member page with their communication terminals, so they are required to carry a communication terminal that enables them to login to MASTERMIND TOKYO official online page.
•We cannot answer any inquiries as to whether a customer has won or lost the drawing or handle the claims concerning the result.
•Payment shall be made only by winners themselves. Purchases by proxies are not allowed.
•We only accept payment in cash or credit card (including Silver Union). We do not accept gift certificates.
•We will not reissue receipts.
•Without the approval of our personnel, customers cannot use communication equipment inside the store.
•We are very sorry but, when payment is complete, the customer is asked to leave the store. Customers are also asked not to keep staying in front of our store or neighboring stores.